How to Prepare

Analyze your cash flow!

It is important for UCSC Employees who are moving to the biweekly pay cycle to examine the timing of expenses and pay, and to take action if a shortage in cash flow income is identified.

  • Review your personal budget and determine your income needs based upon a biweekly pay cycle. 
  • Use the biweekly pay calculator to determine what your gross biweekly pay may look like.
  • Review and make any changes necessary to the timing of automatic payments.
  • Contact creditors if you would like to request different bill/payment due dates.
  • Review and adjust voluntary retirement deductions through At Your Service Online.

Sign up for Direct Deposit!

  • Sign up for direct deposit by Tuesday, 12/6/16, and avoid delivery delays over campus closure for your 12/28/2016 paycheck.
  • For more information, visit the Payroll Office website.

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