Timekeeping on the Biweekly Cycle

Time Reporting:

  • Employees on the biweekly pay cycle report time on an hourly basis, to the nearest quarter hour, as of the effective date of their placement on the biweekly cycle. 
  • Biweekly timesheets, typically managed through CruzPay, are due at the end of each biweekly pay cycle (every other Saturday), and are to be approved by the supervisor and received by the divisional academic personnel office by the following Monday. In exceptional circumstances, a paper timesheet may be required; the same deadlines apply.


  • Employees are eligible to accrue overtime at a premium rate for any time reported over 40 hours within a standard work week (Sunday to Saturday).
  • Vacation and sick leave are accrued every 4 weeks rather than once a month. This four week period is referred to as a quadriweekly cycle (two biweekly pay periods).
  • Vacation and sick leave accrue based on the factor leave accrual system