Accrued Vacation Cash-out Option

The UCSC Biweekly Pay 2016 Transition Assistance Vacation Cash-out Option offers eligible employees who are transitioning from a monthly to a biweekly pay cycle the option to receive an Accrued Vacation Cash-out to assist in meeting financial obligations during the transition period. A maximum of 80 hours of accrued vacation may be requested. 

Academic Employees

How to apply

Eligibility Criteria
Any nonexempt academic employee who is converting from monthly to biweekly pay and who meets the following criteria is eligible to apply:

  • Transitioning to biweekly pay effective November 20, 2016
  • Employee has existing accrued vacation equal to or greater than requested amount as of November 8, 2016

All applications are subject to review for eligibility criteria. You will be notified if your application for cash out is accepted or denied. Incomplete and/or unsigned applications will be denied. Employees electing transition assistance whose University appointment or status changes prior to cash out will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Staff Employees

Contact Staff Human Resources for more information regarding program participation eligiblity and process.