Why Convert to the Biweekly Pay Cycle?


The biweekly pay cycle is used at our campus to pay all hourly paid employees classified as nonexempt by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the wage and hour law that covers the University. A classification of nonexempt provides an employee's position overtime eligibility and wage and hour protections as defined by the regulations within the FLSA.

Changes in FLSA Regulations

The United States Department of Labor (DOL) has recently announced new regulations that will significantly increase the number of individuals eligible for overtime premium pay under the FLSA, effective December 1, 2016. Under the new regulations, Academic employees in non-student, non-instructional titles will no longer be exempt from premium overtime pay if their prorated annual salary falls below a threshold of $47,476. 


The University of California is obliged to comply with the FLSA provisions, therefore, employees identified as nonexempt under the new DOL regulations will convert to a biweekly paycycle as of November 20, 2016

The following employee groups have been identified for the conversion in FLSA status, and biweekly paycycle converion:

  • Appointees to the title Junior Specialist

  • Part-time appointees to the following titles where the prorated annual salary falls below the anual threshold:

    • Professional Researcher

    • Visiting Researcher, Project __ (e.g., Scientist)

    • Specialist, Academic Coordinator

    • Recalled Non-Faculty Academic


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